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Cott. Bike Path Plans Looking Good

On Monday Perth to Port Bike and Walk members (P2P) met with the Michelle Prior A/ Director Transport Planning Major Urban Centres and Craig Wooldridge, A/Executive Director Integrated Transport Planning from the Department of Transport to discuss details of the design for the extension of the Principal Shared Bike path (PSP) from Claremont to North Fremantle.

The meeting was very constructive and the group were particularly positive about the following:

  • The path extension will be 4m wide, giving plenty of room for walkers and other commuters moving at different speeds.

  • The bike path will travel under Eric St Bridge, allowing the shared path to be built now, rather than waiting for the bridge replacement.

  • P2P councillors will be encouraging tree planting alongside the path to create a green corridor and shade for commuters.

  • The P2P group will now be pushing for shared paths in the local neighbourhood to the PSP and to other centres such as schools, shops and high use areas such as the beach and pool.

  •  Also end of trip facilities, water fountains, bike cages and racks will be a priority.

  • P2P councillors will be engaging with schools to promote bike safety lessons and promotions to encourage walking and riding to school.

  • The Safe Active Street through Nedlands can eventually link to the PSP and encourage students to ride to UWA and Notre Dame.

Now to push for the next stage through to Freo!

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