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Our vision is to promote cycling and walking culture and infrastructure from Perth to Fremantle and beyond. We aim to increase pedestrian and bike accessibility to town centres, universities and schools in Perth and create a green corridor from Perth to Fremantle.

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Perth to Port, Bike and Walk was established to link councils, government departments, schools, universities and community groups interested in increasing the number of safe cycling and walking routes from Perth to Fremantle.

Our mission is to to fast track the missing section of the principal shared path from Perth to Fremantle; encourage local councils to finance connecting shared paths and Safe Active Streets and encourage school and university students to walk, ride and catch public transport.


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Some young students live a long way from their school. They are encouraged to ‘walk a little way’ with mum or dad. The walk through Lake Claremont is delightful, as are other leafy streets in the Western Suburbs.


Claremont Council has coordinated the installation of four cross walks outside schools and many years ago, a bridge across Stirling Hwy. Scotch has built a tunnel under Shenton Rd. Christ Church and MLC have added private buses from popular suburbs such as Floreat. As a result, dropping students at the bus or train to get to school is perfectly safe for students at MLC, Christchurch and Scotch.


It is great to already see an increase in students riding to school and the fabulous new bike rack baskets and panniers make back packs lighter. 


Western Suburbs councils are currently working on their section of a Bike Plan for shared paths and Safe Active Streets in WA that bodes well for the future. 


These Schools Are Already On Board!

  • Beehive Montessori School

  • Cottesloe Primary School

  • North Cottesloe Primary School

  • Swanbourne Primary School

  • Christ Church Grammar School

  • Methodist Ladies’ College

  • Scotch College

  • Freshwater Bay Primary School

  • Swanbourne Primary School

  • Hollywood Primary School

  • St Hilda’s

  • Nedlands Primary School

  • Loreto Primary School

  • Dalkeith Primary School




  1. Shenton College

  2. Iona Presentation College

  3. Mosman Park Primary School

  4. St Thomas’ Primary School 

  5. Mt Claremont Primary School

Who else will join us?

Students who ride or walk to school contribute to their minimum physical activity level of 60 minutes per day. They are also more focused and ready to
learn compared to those
who are driven.

Can we make a difference to health, resilience and local traffic?

In partnership with Five

Five is a community organisation working to make walking, running and cycling in Perth, Western Australia, easier, safer and more convenient. It is Five’s aim that by 2020 Perth has a streamlined route of suburban bike boulevards connecting Perth City to the City of Fremantle.